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Information for WSIB and MVA Clients

WSIB Clients

If you have been injured at work you may be considered a WSIB client. In order to receive treatment, the patient must have approval from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for physiotherapy. In order to receive approval, follow the following steps:


  • Notify your employer about your injury and ask them to complete a Form 7. Fax this form to WSIB.

  • Visit your family doctor and have your doctor complete a Form 8. Have the doctor’s office fax this form to WSIB.

  • Once WSIB has received both Form 7 and Form 8, the patient will receive a Form 6 by mail. The patient should complete this and fax the form to WSIB.

  • You will then be assigned a Claim Number by WSIB, as well as a claim adjuster. You can contact WSIB to determine if a Claim Number has been assigned to you. Keep this information on file, as well as the contact information for your adjuster.

  • Contact the adjustor to determine if your claim has been approved. This claim number can then be used for billing purposes for your treatments.


You may begin treatment before you WSIB claim is approve, however you will have to pay standard physiotherapy assessment and treatments rates. Once the claim is approved, we will start to bill WSIB for your treatment as of that date. Payment for any treatment already received will not be reimbursed.


For your reference:

  • WSIB Phone Number: 1.888.606.7676

  • WSIB Fax Number: 1.888.313.7373

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Clients

If you were injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, you may be a MVA client. You must firms contact your motor vehicle insurance company’s insurance forms. They will provide you with the following pieces of information you will need in order to process an MVA claim:


  • Name of your motor vehicle insurance company

  • Adjuster’s name and phone number

  • Claim number

  • Date of accident


If you have extended health insurance coverage for physiotherapy, you will need to exhaust this coverage before your motor vehicle accident coverage can begin. This is a consistent practice across all motor vehicle accident claims. To do this, at the end of each treatment you will privately pay for your treatment and submit your invoice to your extended health insurance company for reimbursement. Once your coverage is exhausted, you must request a declaration of insurance coverage exhaustion to be submitted to the Clinic. Once this information is received, we can begin to bill your motor vehicle insurance company directly.

If you do not have extended health insurance coverage for physiotherapy, we will begin billing your motor vehicle insurance company directly for your treatments.